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                                                   Scarica la Brochure



Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was the past theatrical season… At the end of it, thanks to both yours and our help, we gave one more year of school to more than 160 Cambodian children.

Once upon a time Mark Desmaele, head of the Angkor Tree School (, wrote a letter addressed to Erasmus Theatre that can be summarize in three words: “almost a miracle”. All together we changed for the better a little place in the world. This is not only a happy endings but it’s most certainly an exciting beginning.

What is the best way to thank all of you? We are happy to present our 2017/18 season dedicated to magic and real or imagined fairy tales. For the first time in Italy and exclusively for Erasmus Theatre, arrives the musical “INTO THE WOODS”, written by S.Sondheim andJ.Lapine. The musical, made more popular by the Dinsney’s movie, is suitable for teenagers of all ages, thanks to the ironic reinterpretation of the fairy tales and the extraordinary soundtrack.

Trough the mysterious woods, we will reach the magical manor haunted by “THE CANTERVILLE GHOST”, written by Oscar Wilde. We propose again this author for the modern and understandable language of his works and for the cheerful and fun plot of this extraordinary comedy. However, every fairy tale has a moral, and when teenagers start to take theirselves too seriously , there isn’t a better instructive moral than the one of “PETER PAN”, written by J.M. Barrie. This is the third show that will complete our 2017/18 English trilogy.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” Instead, the comic tale “PEACE AND LAUGHER”, by Matteo Andreone, is a real story.

This will be an Italian performance interpreted by refugees/actors selected in several Italian Initial Reception Centers. The show will tell about migrants’ vicessitudes adapting to Italian customs and traditions with an ironic and easy narrative style. For the cultural and educational value of the project, several European and America universities have requested the publication of a book about humor as a tool for social integration and a video documentary that will go through the different phases of the realization of the show up to the tour. Even this year, a part of the proceeds will go to the Angkor Tree School and you could expect further proposals during the year.

The most beautiful, sincere and instructive happy ending of the next theatrical season will be, as every year, “E.T. CAMPUS 2018”. That’s the most unforgettable and educational holiday for the new generations. Still in the world of fairy-tales, here is the 2017 big new. In the attempt to give a better service to all the teachers who wants information about Erasmus Theatre activity, this year we’ll have the honor to have in the staff wonderful fairies and powerful princes.

They can come to your school with magical baskets, filled with posters, brochures and information to help you in the organization of the next beautiful theatrical season. With impatience, enthusiasm and constant curiosity to see what does not exist represented on the stage for you, and with the intent not to let you down. Roberto Cesarone

Project ANGKOR TREE SCHOOL - "Cambogia"


Hello, I’m Roberto Cesarone, the producer of Erasmus Theatre and I would like to share with you a personal experience.

During a trip that I took last summer in south-east Asia, I met an Argentinean traveler who was there both for discovering new places and, if necessary, for volunteering in one of the poorest places in the world. Thanks to her, I’ve learned of the experience of two Cambodian professors. They are trying to build a school in a small village to give the opportunity to 142 children to study, play and grow up. They want to take care of them even in their everyday life because these children are in financial difficulties, without parents and some of them come from prostitution.

Learning this fact has made me even more conscious about how much we complain in the Western culture, without realizing that we are lucky to be born in the rich part of the world. Now I think about how much we could do with just a little effort in a poor country as Cambodia is, where the average salary is $ 40 per month.

After some e-mail exchange with Mark, one of the professor in Angkor Tree School, we decided to promote some initiatives to give a chance to more than 200 children to keep studying English and Japanese (languages necessary to find a job in Cambodia), to feed them and, maybe, give them a dream.

In order to keep the school open, they need more or less $ 9000 per year. They receive $ 4500 from various donations and we’ll provide the remaining balance from the takings of our next tour “Malala”.

What I would like to ask the students, who will watch our show inspired by the story of Malala Yousafzai (on tour from December 2016) is to collect in class some school supplies (pens, pencils, colors, reams of papers, notebooks, rubbers, blue T-shirts, felt markers, sharpeners, etc.) and bring them to theatre the day of the show. At the end of the tour we will send what we collected to Angkor Tree School.

On our Facebook page or students will have the chance to make new friends and to exchange experiences with students of their same age so far from us and even to learn English together.

Thank you all for your time and we’ll see at the theatre.

Information at 0832.205560